1. Barber/Pixie cut from *$50

    For short pixie cuts and/or clipper fades, scissor over comb.

  2. Short/Cropped cut from *$60 to $70

    When your hair is definitely longer than a barber or pixie cut, but not longer than chin length, this cut is for you. If you have or would like a bob, this cut is not for you.

  3. Mid/Long cut from *$70 to $85

    For chin length and beyond style cuts (e.g. short bob to long layers). If your hair is long and you'd like to chop it all off, this is the service for you!

  4. Blow Out from $45

    Let us style you pretty for no particular reason at all.

  5. Blow Out & Curl from $55

    Now we'll add some curls and really do it up.

  6. Kids Cut (6 years and Under) from *$35

    Kids deserve cool cuts too. If they're 6 and under, this cut applies.

  7. Kids Cuts (7-12 years) from *$45

    Kids deserve cool cuts too. If they're between 7 and 12 years old, this cut applies.

  8. Updo from $65 to $95

    Whether we make it look natural or slick, we'll put your hair up off your shoulders with style. Please arrive with your hair dry and free of product.

  9. Treatments (must accompany another service) from *$15

    Your hair goes through a lot in a day. Come in and we'll give it some special love with a masque treatment and wash.

  10. Keratin Kerasilk Treatment from *$350

    This is a chemical-free smoothing treatment that makes your hair more manageable on a daily basis. This treatment lasts 3-5 months, and includes take home care. Please call or come in to book.

Colour Treatments

  1. Root Touch Up from *$9O

    Just covering your natural root colour. This service does not include lightening.

  2. Single Process Colour from *$100

    From the roots to the ends, your locks are covered. This service does not include lightening or filling.

  3. Full Highlights from *$16O

    You have a boat load of foils in your hair.

  4. Partial Highlights from *$14O

    For the non-commital type, a lot less foils than a full.

  5. Single Highlight (must accompany another service) from $5 each

    Really can't commit? This foil's for you.

  6. Bleach & Tone from *$160

    You are blonde all over (six weeks or less from your last process). If you are currently not blonde, please give us a call.

  7. Toner (must accompany another service) from *$15

    Refreshing your colour because you're just not ready to get it all done.

  8. Elumen from

    A whole other ball game. Call us for a quote.

  9. Creative Colour/Correction from *$75/hour

    Whether you're looking for fashion colours, a roots to ends drastic colour change, or a correction on a bad hair situation. If your hair is not currently bleached out, but you would like it to be, this service is for you! No Online booking. Please call for consultation.

  10. Ombre, Balayage from *$165

    Because you like that sunkissed look with lightened ends. Please keep in mind that this is a staring price.

  11. Ombre, Balayage & Root Colour from *$245

    You want the balayage look, but you also need your root colour darkened or retouched. Please keep in mind that this is a starting price.

* includes complimentary blow out
* prices vary depending on stylist and on hair length/thickness

We do not offer refunds for services rendered

Our prices are gender neutral and are reflective of hair length as well as complexity of style desired and that is all.

We do not apply on-scalp bleach to anyone under the age of twelve.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy- all missed appointments will be subject to 50% of the service fee.

BRIDAL PARTIES WELCOME. Please inquire for pricing.





Kristin started her career over 13 years ago as a hair stylist. After becoming very successful with the salon she previously worked in, Kristin decided to follow in her hair stylist mother's foot steps and open her own salon in an up and coming neighbourhood. Along with owning and operating Fuss, one year ago Kristin founded the Dresscode project. An initiative that asks hair salons to make a pledge to provide safer spaces for the LGBTQ+ community.

She has been beautifying the hair of Leslieville for almost a decade and is still going strong. Kristin loves doing short cuts of any kind and is known as the in-house barber at Fuss. In terms of colour, she loves natural looking highlights, but isn't afraid to go bold for the right client. You can catch Kristin walking her two dogs in between clients, and if you're really lucky, Tofu will try to sit on your lap- 90 pounds and all.

Specialties: Barbering | Precision Cutting | Transformational Cuts | Hair Tattooing




After a ten year long stay in the UK, Alexis has decided to come back home to Toronto with a great deal of hair experience in her pocket. With a knack for all things creative- from edgy cuts, to naturally blended balayages, to bold fashion colours, you will never leave feeling disappointed or neglected. Alexis is truly one of a kind, and she can effortlessly make her clients feel just as special whether they're spending fifteen minutes or five hours together. Don't forget to bring lots of snacks if you're scheduled in for a longer appointment- perfection takes time!

*Please note that Alexis is a balayage/creative colour specialist and her prices reflect her speciality in accordance to time and product used.

Specialities: Blended Balayage | Colour Corrections | Creative Colours | Blowouts



Daniel began his hair career in one of the most prestigious companies in the industry before making the move to Fuss where he has become the stylist he is today. Professional and dedicated, Daniel is officially our very own Kevin Murphy Colour Key Educator, which means that he has colour down to a science! Daniel understands that, like every client who sits in his chair, every colour is unique and requires a great deal of care and thoughtfulness.
So, whether you're looking for a big colour correction, a root re-touch, a pastel bleach and tone, or something in between, Daniel has you covered!

Specialities: Natural Colours | Colour Corrections | Natural Balayage | Bleach and Tone



Hailing from Canada's East coast, Jacqui has decided to make Toronto her new home, and more specifically, Fuss. Trained in an environment where every stylist must master every skill, Jacqui is incredibly well-rounded and is a go-to stylist for textured, curly hair. Although this is the case, it is apparent that she lives and breathes everything to do with colour. From colour corrections, to blended balayages, to bright fashion colours, Jacqui will execute your hair dreams without breaking a sweat.
Talent aside, Jacqui's personality will make any appointment, whether it's forty-five minutes or five hours, seem like you're hanging out with an old friend!

Specialities: Curly or Textured Hair | Barbering | Hair Tattooing | Balayage | Colour Corrections | Styling | Creative Colours



After spending the bulk of her career outside of Toronto, Trish has made the inevitable decision to move the city! Now, with almost a decade of training and experience, Trish prides herself on anything and everything in the realm of cutting and styling. A firm believer in education and pushing boundaries, Trish has a knack for knowing what hair style would be best suited for every client in her chair. From barber cuts, to blunt bobs, to bridal styling or big blow outs, there is nothing that Trish can't create!
So if you're looking for a cut that won't quit, not matter the length or style, and a stylist that genuinely cares, Trish is the one for you!

Specialities: Creative Cuts | Barbering | Precision Cutting | Textured Hair | Styling | Bridal



On the floor and building her very own clientele in Leslieville, Emily may be relatively new to the hair game, but her skills are far beyond her experience. Intensively trained in all types of cuts and colouring services, it seems like there is nothing she cannot do. Emily has a love for short and detailed cuts, and anything and everything creative in terms of colour.
So don't let her soft spoken demeanour fool you, Emily has a knack for pushing hair boundaries, and we have a feeling that with a little time, she will take over the industry!

Specialties: Bridal | Styling | Precision Cutting | Creative Colours | Bleach and Tones |



Talented and outstanding at every service imaginable, Martha has been with us for the bulk of our time in Leslieville, but her experience does not stop there. Martha believes every client is her chance to work on her own creative project. Seeing it through from start to finish and putting personal touches on each individual, Martha finds this process incredibly rewarding. She is the girl in the back of the salon with big hair and an even bigger personality. She is great at long, thick hair and wickedly voluminous blow outs. If you sit in her chair, you will never be disappointed in your hair or the conversation.

Martha is not taking any new clients, and is not booking beyond June 2018.

Specialities: Long and Thick Hair | Blowouts | Natural Colours



Niky is the first and last person you will see when visiting Fuss. With a great number of years of experience in the industry and a knack for anticipating the needs of the client's and stylist's alike, Niky is the go-to girl for all of your hair (and non-hair) concerns. She has a background in music and culture, and strongly believes that every client should be treated with genuine respect and warmth. Niky takes pride in taking care of the day to day at Fuss so that every client and stylist can walk into a positive, "home away from home" environment. So don't be fooled by her tough look, she's always here to help with a smile on her face- especially if you show her a photo of your dog!